Don’t Compare me to Moesha – Hajia4real Angrily Speaks Out

Hajia4real in an interview today stated a few claims and they are interesting to hear. 

She was asked if she was surprised when she saw the repented Moesha which she replied that she wasn’t and it was what she wanted to do with her life so she cannot be surprised by her decisions. 

The interviewer mentioned Moesha’s cars, houses and trips to Nigeria and asked Hajia if she regrets the lifestyle she lived. She replied saying she doesn’t regret anything in life and everything she went through made her who she is today. 

Nervous Hajia4real was seen stroking her hair when the interviewer referred to a statement she made in 2019 in which she advised ladies to date rich men because all men cheat and it is better to cry in London than in Obuasi. 

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She asked rhetorically if she was lying and asked the interviewer what his thoughts were on the statement when he saw it. He immediately said comparing that comment to what is happening to Moesha is does she think it is such a good advice?

She looked fed up and replied the interviewer to not get it twisted and that Moesha has her life to live and she also has her life to live and so he should not compare the both of their lives and she will not want to talk about someone else’s life. 

He also hit back telling her they are friends and it is said that “show me your friend and I will show you your character”. She replied saying she knows what he is trying to get but she will like to talk about her and her only. 

Fans were in mixed thoughts as some believed his interviews should focus on the guest and not bring others to it while others thought he handled the situation well.

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