Ghanaian Celebrities Wear Rags to Shows, they Dress too Shabbily – Osebo Goes Off

Osebo took to his Instagram to speak on a pressing issue of his which happen to be the fashion sense of celebrities in Ghana.

He started off by saying he knows he will get a lot of backlash, but he is pleading with celebrities to appear in public distinguishing themselves as real celebrities by way of their fashion sense.

When you are going for programs and shows, let it distinguish you from the crowd because most often than not they are dressed shabbily. He insinuated that a lot of our celebrities have poor fashion sense and are too proud to be corrected but he will say it either way and doesn’t mind if he is insulted because it is part of his job.

He then pleaded with them that when they dress, they should command respect because, at the VGMAs, only Kuami Eugene, Kidi and Mr Drew looked presentable. The rest made him tear up.

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He continued that, he is not speaking from a place of hate neither is he speaking because he wants to be patronized but it is evidenced that they need stylists who make their look match their brand.

He made an example with Sarkodie who you can always tell has a stylist in his team. Makeup does not make up for the poor fashion sense for these celebrities, especially with the ladies.

He mentioned that they either wear dresses that do not look good on them, are too tight or are too loose and the least said about their shoe game the better.

He is saying that he is just echoing the voice of the masses as many have said in time past and still are saying that Ghanaians celebrities have poor fashion sense. He continued by saying that in comparison with Nigerians, Ghanain celebrities wear Rags!

Ghanaian celebrities he said do not know when to wear what. According to him, it becomes difficult to take pictures with them because you can’t differentiate between the fan and the celebrity.

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He ended by insisting they should find a stylist and included another important message which you can watch here.



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