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I Am The Queen Of Beef, Everyone Else Copies Me – MzBel Angrily Claims

MzBel just doesn’t rest. She decided to be the professional fight consultant once again and chimed in on Moesha’s unfortunate turn of events. 

MzBel who could not keep her mouth shut while smacking and eating noisily decided to give her two pence in trending issues. She was eating several balls of Banku and said her ancestors will come after anyone who screen records her. 

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She asked that we should allow her to act normal and compared herself to Kim Kardashian. She explained that they both have reality shows and you can see what goes on in their bedrooms from who they have s*x with to their toilet seats so we should stop the black mentality of complaining when someone over shares. 

Touching on beef, MzBel claimed her spot as Ghana’s beef queen as she mentioned that, since she does not get opportunities to beef anymore,the beefs have become soft and tasteless. She said beef is meant to be crunchy and tasty but because she is not involved, the beef lacks substance. 

She claimed people are trying at the sides to make a lot out of it but because she isn’t involved, it ends up dying down. She assured her fans that they will see her “popping”. 

It comes across as fascinating why one individual will love negativity so much that she wants to wear the crown as the devil in situations that do not involve her. Is Gh queen of vawulence a title to claim? MzBel is always ready to be the thorn in our flesh. 

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This post was published on July 30, 2021 7:21 PM

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