Salma Mumin Trying Hard To Act Unbothered, But Enfa

Ghanaians surprisingly stood behind Moesha and condemned Salma Mumin for leaking private conversations that were defamatory to her character. 

Commentators on social media showed sympathy to Moesha as she battles with mental health issues and were quick to label Salma Mumin as the bad guy even when the video was to put her in a good light. 

Salma went live to explain to Ghanaians how even though she recorded the conversation with Nelson, she did not leak it and added that she had sent the recording to Sandra who happens to be another friend of Moesha. Why she chose to send the audio in the first place if they were no ill intentions behind remains a mystery. 

She decided to curse herself perhaps from pressure and made a statement saying “It wasn’t my intention, If it was my intention, may I never succeed in my entire life. We had our differences but this isn’t something that I wish for her,”  

She is obviously shy of her actions since she did not quite get the vindication she wanted and has been seen acting unbothered and doing too much on social media.

From posting pictures because of the traction she is getting to posting about a movie so we can remember she acts sometimes, she has decided to pull the unlooking card but it’s quite obvious she is bothered. 

It will have you wondering if indeed this was planned because just a day before the leaked audio, she shared an announcement she felt was big to her about a movie she was finally allowed to star in. The very next day this audio was released and we can’t help but suspect the timing. 

She has now decided to post someone’s son on her snap maybe thinking associating with a child makes you meek. Or maybe it’s a hint that she is desperately in wish of a child. 

Whatever the situation might be, Salma should be ashamed of herself and realize as a colleague is at their low, the worst you can do is pull them back down but obviously she ate her conscience with the Banku at her eatery. 



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