I Was Broke and Had To Take Care Of Dogs for Measly Ghc 25 – Music Legend Jay Dee Laments

Sometimes it seems like the most unfulfilled destiny is to be a celebrity Ghana. There are many stories of legendary acts who go through a lot and musician Jay Dee is no different as he is heard making shocking claims. 

In an interview on Okay fm, Jay Dee put to bare his ordeals in the music industry.

He started off by speaking on his journey and spoke about how being broke leaves you with no options. He mentioned that being a musician is tedious and if you are broke and you can’t pay for studio time, you have to weed or brush the teeth of dogs before you can be allowed to record. 

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He included that it does not matter if your song sounds like the nicest thing in the world, you will still have to do dirty jobs to be able to record.

He gave a personal example and did he had to weed before he could gather money to record a track. He said he was paid a meagre sum of ghc25 monthly for the weeding jobs he got. He had to do these jobs to gather money for video shoots. 

Celebrity life in Ghana is one of the least glamorous as we can admit that superstars should not have to go through all that and their music should be able to sell and maintain a livelihood. Even during their reign, they get nothing so the least said about royalties after, the better. 

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He is not the only celebrity to come out and speak on how much suffering one has to endure when trying to be an artist in Ghana. It is not uncommon to see a personality you admired on TV for several years cry for help because they were scammed to do it for the passion and not the pay. Watch interesting revelation here. 



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