Kanye West Is Paying $1 Million Daily For This Ultra-Minimalist Room In Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Video

Kanye West is preparing fervently for the release of his new album ‘Donda’, which he has promised to release on the 6th of August.

Kanye West being the meticulous genius that he is has decided to give his all to the production of ‘Donda’ and is holed up in no less a place than Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium where he hosted the listening party for his album.

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For a man as flamboyant as Kanye West, one would assume his new digs at The Benz would be flashy and stylish but he opted to go the minimalist route. Ye’s enclosure has just a bed, a few sneakers, a plasma, and a few clothes. Nothing but the bare necessities.

It turns out that minimalist is not exactly cheap, as Kanye is rumoured to be paying a whooping million dollars per day for the room he intends to stay in till ‘Donda’ drops on the 6th.  

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Sources revealed to Page Six that he has a contract for his stay and a private chef at his disposal. ‘Donda’ as an album means so much to the Grammy-decorated rapper as it bears the name of his late mother. It is, therefore, no surprise at all that Ye is sparing no expense in making sure that it is a worthy testament to the woman he loved so much.

A million dollars per day is chicken change to Kanye, who just a few years ago was over 50 million dollars in debt. The release of Donda has been pushed back so many times and fans can only hope that it will not be postponed another time.


This post was published on August 2, 2021 12:53 PM

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