DKB And Kwadwo Sheldon Go Head-to-Head As They Get Into Heated Argument

The battle line has been drawn between two people who do not consider each other comedians. And they are absolutely right. Leave the beef for the slay queens but these grown men have decided it’s a beautiful day to trend. 

DKB has accused Sheldon of disrespecting GH comedians but stealing their jokes. He further went on to call him unintelligent and blockheaded. This must be a dream come true for him because finally he too can laugh at the head of someone. 

He has laughed at how Obinim ended his career with just one review and we couldn’t agree more. The man who slapped a woman for the whole of Africa to see called Sheldon an uncultured swine. So much for introspection, DKB. 

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Sheldon also responded by laughing at the fact that he included himself as a comedian. It’s safe to say Sheldon found the fact that he called himself a comedian funny than his actual comedy career. 

He called his comedy style as using insults as jokes. This is true as well because he called Ghanaian women monkeys as a joke and expected a laugh. 

Sheldon went for more and called him old and a useless animal. He described his career and his hairline being the same. So it’s safe to assume again that his career is nonexistent. 

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This beef unfortunately for DKB was lost before it even started. He comes across as a big fan of talking for talking sake.

Going back to the time allegations were made against him by an anonymous Snapchat account, he made a video at a police station threatening to report the case and have them face the law. 

Another video came out of someone recording him eating banana and groundnut in front of the station and apparently no report was made. He just went to the station for a photoshoot. It may be hard as a comedian but take yourself seriously sometimes. Please. 
Watch the back and forth here:



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