Hajia4real Fingered In An Alleged Shady Business – Details Drop

In this life make money but make the kind of money that can make you sleep at night.

It is never surprising to notice the dealings that allegedly take place in the private lives of our small girl with big God social media sensations.

Our very own Tamale Nicki Minaj, Hajia 4 Real is being fingered in some alleged shady businesses.

A trasacco house does not come easy. Hajia4reall is has been fingered by an Instablogger for allegedly running an investment company with a certain businessman. They are basically “angel” investors and support startups with capital in exchange for equity in their business. Sort of like how Shark Tank works. 

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Companies like Oya Micro-credit Company Ltd, Ridge Medical Centre, Dough Man Foods, Prospectus Ghana, Zaconut, Pinkberry, Coli Network, Sankofa Natural Spices, BEEfA Foods (first product- BEEfA CHIPS), CEQA Foods (Pizzaman and Chickenman), Burger King (Quick Angels franchise in Ghana), Morning Glory Publication, Mona Brand-Cosmetics(for Hajia4reall) are amongst the companies that have received equity funding by these investors. 

Unfortunately these companies reportedly took some business loans in desperation and this deal is set to cost them a lot in future. Most “angel” investors take from 20% to 50% equity in your company but this company in particular is alleged to take a cruel 70% equity. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. 

Since they own 70% of these companies, a hefty amount of their profits apparently goes to Hajia4real and her partners. Now to a real accusation. Their scheme has been described as basically the same as NAM1 but they outsmarted the system.

Information wo wiase. Hajia 4 Real is alleged to have signed a brand ambassadorial deal with them as a cover up. Her music which makes babies cry is also apparently a coverup. It makes absolute sense why she will not have mercy on our eardrums. 

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Of course as it’s Hajia4reall, there will be a relationship in there somewhere. As she is no stranger to taking sugar daddies, she has reportedly clashed with the founders wife over her dating her husband. 

If you have children and in 10 years time the prospects of you going to jail are high, you should sometimes consider turning a new leaf but I guess the mansions won’t buy themselves. 

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