I’ll Drag You Through the Mud – Xandy Kamel Makes Deadly Promise to Stacy Amoateng

Xandy Kamel has threatened to expose her boss at the Angel Group of Companies, Stacy Amoateng, as their alleged beef gets hotter by the day.

Xandy has taken to Instagram to send out a clear threat to an anonymous person, but since nothing happens in a vacuum, it’s quite clear the target for this must be Stacy Amoateng.

As reported yesterday, Stacy and Xandy are alleged to have started a WWE battle of sorts at the Angel Broadcasting Network.

As we reported, there is an ongoing scuffle amongst these two and Xandy’s boss Stacy does not seem to like her at all. Stacy allegedly wants to take Xandy’s show off air maybe because of low ratings and Xandy is not having it. 

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Reports said Stacy Amoateng was working on Xandy’s show being taken off the air because she felt it was useless.

Xandy being the busy body that she is apparently found out the plans of Stacey and went straight to report Stacey to their overall boss, Dr Kwaku Oteng. 

She allegedly badmouthed Stacy to the man which she found out.

The battle lines have apparently been drawn and neither lady is backing down.

Xandy is now turning up the heat on the beef with a hot warning apparently aimed at Stacy.

Taking to her social media, Xandy warned that someone as shameless as her cannot be shamed.

She further said if this invisible enemy of hers has decided to take things public then she is also getting ready to make her revelations!

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She wrote: “How can you shame the shameless? I am happy you have started. Since you want it this way let’s drag ourselves out into the mud,”

Xandy like a coward mentioned no name but we are aiming the barrel at Stacy.

If the shade is not for her too then Xandy should come and make whoever she’s beefing clear enough.

Either way, we are always here for the vawulence and trust us, we would bring you any further updates that develop from this story.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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