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My Son Dated My Ex-Girlfriend And Called The Police On Me After I Beat Him -Bukom Banku Laments

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Bukom Banku seems to be going through it. He granted an interview today and narrated some ordeals which had him in tears. 

Bukom Banku was in the studio with his son and mentioned that he has a lot of hate in his heart for him. He stated that he has an ex girlfriend he warned his son to stay clear off but all fell on deaf ears. 

He went to the extent of beating him into breaking up with the girl and his son called the police to arrest him. He insisted that he does not like his son at all and he feels a lot of pain when he sees his son. 

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He admitted he still looks after him but has hate for him in his heart. His son admitted that what he said was true but could not give a reason why he did that to his father. 

Banku called his son disrespectful and accused him of being a fraudster. He mentioned he has warned him severally to stop but he still hasn’t.  He described the act as a curse and the presenter had to interfere because he was getting extremely angry. 

His son mentioned he has broken up with the said ex girlfriend and before he could explain further, Bukom Banku burst into uncontrollable tears. 

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The boxer mentioned that he was broke and had to ask for money before they survived. He also complained of an eye injury he sustained from boxing. He could not control his tears and you could tell he was in pain. 

Well, may he should find the happiness he wants and concentrate on his wives so he does not face all these tribulations.

Sugar Daddy is a rich man’s sport and for someone who has to ask others before his family can survive, he should sit this one out.

Watch the interaction here:


This post was published on August 4, 2021 3:58 PM

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