Who Wins The New Ghanacelebrities UFC Title Between Rev. Owusu Bempah VRS Nana Agradaa? – Watch

Today’s Ghanacelebrities UFC title match is between the gutter-mouthed Evangelist Nana Agradaa and quack Prophet Owusu Bempah.

Agradaa is way too obscene to be leading any congregation but we are in Ghana where religious leaders are held to no standard at all and can get away with being the foulest beings in the country. But what is to be expected from an “azaa” fetish priestess who only embraced Christ in order to escape punishment for her fraudulent activities?

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In this video put together by, Agradaa is pit side-by-side with Owusu Bempah, another con man in his own right and she delivers knock out after knock out, rendering the so-called nation’s prophet almost useless. Not like he was credible or anything to begin with.

The two shameless personalities have been at each others’ throats for a while and there seems to be no peace pipe in sight. Agradaa claims she is the “David” to Owusu Bempah’s “Goriath” and is here to be his nemesis.

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Agradaa also drags Owusu Bempah for wearing makeup which is so hilarious because have you seen her face? This is a woman who goes around looking like a corpse because of badly applied makeup.

She accused him of being gay and a pedophile as well. She cleared the air about rumors that Owusu Bempah is her spiritual father. She said she was only connected to him because he had been caught in some gay activities and she along with others had to intervene.

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Most of the things she said are unprintable, so you have to watch the video and see how someone’s evangelist has bodied her partner-in-crime, sorry partner-in-Christ.


This post was published on August 4, 2021 9:07 AM

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