Where Did You Go To Journalism School?- Kwadwo Sheldon Disrespects Abeiku Santana

Senior Abeiku is at the mercies of Kwadwo Sheldon this time. He is accusing Abeiku Santana of bringing him up when it was not necessary. 

Abeiku recently interviewed Sarkodie on his ‘No Pressure’ album and other matters arising, and during the interview, he asked Sarkodie if he knew Kwadwo Sheldon.

Sarkodie answered in the negative and said he does not know him, a very humiliating moment for Sheldon.

Sheldon couldn’t understand why Sarkodie was there for his album but Abeiku Santana chose to ask him if he knew Sheldon. He criticized the media and said if you have one of the biggest artistes on the continent, why not ask him something better rather than asking about Sheldon.

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He asked Abeiku Santana where he went to journalism school and questioned his style of questioning. Sheldon asked why he didn’t solely talk about the album and his music but he had to bring him up in the conversation just like everything else in this county. 

Sarkodie when asked in the interview if he knew him, he responded by saying no and Abeiku Santana asked if Sheldon’s insults get to him which he also responded no. 

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Sheldon put up screenshots of where Sarkodie was wishing him a Happy birthday and asked if we wish happy birthday to people we do not know. He told Abeiku Santana the seasoned journalist that there is time for agenda and there is time to be stupid. 

He accused Abeiku of wanting attention so instead of asking about the album he chose to act a fool. He also told his viewers that the entertainment industry cannot do without him and there is no industry storyline without him mentioned. He said a lot more here:

Fans were infuriated with the insults and as you can see in the video, the caption clearly showed disrespecting Abeiku Santana angered many people online. 



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