Afia Schwarzenegger Dragged Online By Person She’s Owing and Refused to Pay

Afia Schwarzenegger has once again entered the news for all the wrong reasons – but she doesn’t really care.

An unknown person messaged Afia Schwarzenegger’s nanny to advise her to pay up whatever money she’s owing the person.

Apparently, Afia and this anonymous individual had some sort of transaction which we’re not privy to.

But what is clear is that after the transaction, Afia Schwarzenegger had a bill to pay and she did not pay the money.

Probably having tried all means to get the money and not getting it, the person went to someone close to Afia to beg the person to get Afia to see sense.

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The Whatsapp chat between the person claiming Afia owes them and Afia’s nanny was posted online by Schwar herself.

The person whatsapped Schwar’s nanny saying: “Tell your madam if she doesn’t pay me my money they will hear of her on social media,”

The nanny, who also seems as mad as Afia herself, replied with a harsh retort.

“Go to social media and do your worst. Nobody is owning (sic) you,” she fired back.

Afia Schwarzenegger took to her page and said she couldn’t care less about the person and they can expose her online if they like.

“Like I care”, she captioned a screenshot of the conversation.

Being someone who routinely does things to embarrass herself and posts it online herself, there is nothing that can embarrass her.

If someone comes out on social media saying Afia Schwar owes her, it’s just another day in her life.

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With no capacity to feel shame, she truly doesn’t care if the story comes out which is why she posted it herself.

If Afia is owing you and your strategy to get her to pay is to threaten to expose her online then you’re out of luck because it’s never going to work.

You can never shame the shameless! Sorry.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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