Big Akwes Dumped You for Agradaa – Joyce Boakye Drops Keys About Evangelist Kani

Every one of Ghana’s so-called celebs wants to trend. Whatever they have to do to be in the news, they do it – even if it means taking off your clothes or engaging in embarrassing conduct.

Joyce Boakye is the newest, most shameless attention seeker on the block. She will do anything for a few seconds in the limelight, and we mean anything – including recording herself literally taking a sh*t on an aeroplane.

In the past couple of weeks, she always finds someone to beef every single day. She has mostly been on Mona Gucci but somehow has now added Gloria Kani to the mix.

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Gloria, who claims to be an evangelist now, has been dragged back into the carnal showbiz world by Joyce Boakye and she’s fallen prey to her temptation.

As far as we can tell, Joyce called Kani out first by claiming she’s gossiping about her to others and is jealous of her.


That brought Kani out of her evangelist shell into her slay queen shell and she took to social media to throw a warning to Joyce.

“I don’t have time to waist (sic) on weed smoker’s like you, just let me hear my name again shameless being and I will show you, your own video…Just reply me, Joyce, and see something…” she fired.

That led Joyce to also fire back at Kani: “I also don’t have time for prostitute born 2 woman with frustrated life that is pretending to be evangelist…”

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Their back and forth has continued since and culminated with Boakye claiming that Big Akwes chopped and dumped Gloria Kani in the past.

In a latest post she claimed: “You always fight Agradaa because of how Big Akwes dumped you with your miserable life,”


Kani claims to have repented but she’s let Joyce drag her back to the slay queen gutter and she’s beating her up so far.

As an aside – can these slay queens learn how to spell? How can you say you don’t want to ‘waist’ your time on someone?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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