We Often Told her to Stop Burning Weeds But She Never Listened – Beverly Afaglo Reveals Mom Is Traumatized After Burning Down their House

Actress Beverly Afaglo says her mum is traumatised after unintentionally burning down their house due to her addiction to always burning weeds.

Beverly says she believes the old lady unintentionally started the fire which razed down their house and is now suffering from trauma over her actions.

The actress, wife of Ghanaian musician Choirmaster, shocked Ghanaians by revealing on Monday that her house had burnt completely to the ground.

Beverly said she had lost everything – her wigs, makeup, dresses, shoes, clothes – every single thing she owned in the world burnt in that house.

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She later revealed that the fire was caused by her mother burning some rubbish at the back of the house in a garden she has.

Beverly has elaborated on what happened and said they had warned the old lady several times about burning in the house but she didn’t listen.

She said the old lady is now suffering trauma due to the burnt house.

“My mom has a garden at the back of the house. I mean a woman who is in her old age, she is always bored and she wants to do garden stuff. So she always goes to the farm, that’s what she calls it. On Monday she went to do her regular farming and gathered some weeds to burn. According to her the fire had gone down and so she left it to go and relax,”

The fire later flared up again causing the house to burn down.

“My mother was traumatized, she couldn’t leave the house. She hasn’t been able to eat. She feels very sorry for the situation. We don’t want to talk too much about it because this is something that we always tell her to stop burning but she always says after burning she will make sure the fire is off. Our concern was with smoke not fire,”

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Beverly’s management has since the fire released a Mobile Money number for Ghanaians who want to contribute to help her get back on her feet to do so.

In another twist to the story, a source claims that the house actually does not belong to Beverly and isn’t her main residence so they don’t understand how she can say she lost everything in that fire!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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