My Father Was A Chief, Very Rich and Had Many Houses – Video of Beverly Afaglo Bragging Pops Up As She Begs for MoMo

An old video of Beverly Afaglo shamelessly bragging about how rich she is and that she owns many houses has popped up as she begs Ghanaians for MoMo.

For some reason, our celebrities keep forgetting that this social media place is a compound house and we all live there and see everything that happens.

They keep bragging about their riches yet when tragedy strikes these riches magically disappear and all of a sudden they are broke and need help.

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It happened to Moesha and it’s now happening to Bevely Afaglo.

The actress recently told Ghanaians that her house has burned down and she’s lost everything she owns.

The house burned Monday evening, apparently started by a fire her mother had started in the house to burn some weeds.

The fire engulfed the whole house and razed it down.

She said she lost everything – clothes, wigs, dresses, her documents – every single thing she owns.

A day later numbers started popping up on social media for people to donate to her either via Mobile Money or a Bank account.

That sent the social media detectives to go to the past and dig up an old video of Beverly Afaglo bragging that she’s rich beyond measure and needs nothing in life.

At the time, in order to brag for clout, she said she’s super rich, owns several companies doing well whilst her acting career is booming!

She said her husband is also rich and doing very well!

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She went as far as to brag that her father was a chief, very rich and owned massive properties whilst alive, some of which were left to her.

So how can a person who is rich, her husband is rich and her father left her many properties, be begging for MoMo just because one house has burned?

It makes no freaking sense!

It’s obvious she was just lying for the gram – or if it was true then she and her celebrity friends should stop begging Ghanaians for money – we know how hard the country is already.

Watch Afaglo’s bragging below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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