The Wicked Will Have no Peace – Beverly Afaglo Curses Bloggers For Sharing Video Of Her Bragging

Actress Beverly Afaglo has used the words found in the bible (Isaiah 48:22) that says there is no peace for the wicked to curse people trying to tarnish her image.

The embattled actress added that people who rejoice over another’s calamity will not go unpunished; and whoever mocks the poor reproaches his maker, as Proverbs 17:5 states.

Beverly shared all these quotes on her Instagram page as reaction to the negative stories that has popped up after her house got burnt on Monday.

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One of the trending stories about her is a throwback video of her boasting of being rich from owning many plush companies.

Beverly was seen in the video that has gone viral saying she has inherited properties from her late father who was a chief of a town in the Volta Region so there is no way she can be broke.

The actress bragged that she can choose to go on vacation every single month from the rent she collects from her tenants as a Landlady.

For someone who has all this wealth, how do you allow your management to solicit funds through mobile money to help rebuild one of your many houses which got burnt?

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Social media users said she was only playing victim so people will sympathize with her but she does not need help to rebuild the burnt house because she is rich as she bragged.

Another lady came out to claim the house that got burnt was not the property of Beverly Afaglo as she claims.

According to this lady, who claims to be a neighbour, the burnt house was where Beverly’s mother and elderly sister lived, and so she was surprised to hear Beverly  say her personal belongings got burnt.

Maybe she is sending all these people a warning to stop fabricating stories or mischievously sharing old videos to make her look bad.

Check out the post below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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