A Plus Accuses Abena Korkor of Creating Fake Snapchat Account to Smear Serwaa Amihere

Controversial musician turned political activist Kwame Asare Obeng aka A Plus has taken shots at Abena Korkor for trying to destroy the reputation of Serwaa Amihere.

On the night of Thursday, August 12th 2021, the entire social media landscape was set on fire by very serious allegations levelled against Serwaa Amihere by an anonymous Snapchat user.

Going by the name Bombshell, the account just sprung up out of nowhere and started smearing Serwaa with salacious allegations.

The allegations spanned Serwaa allegedly pimping out ladies and having affairs with multiple politicians.

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They were nothing new aside from the fact that this account was giving a lot of specifics.

Serwaa Amihere has outright refused to react to the allegations except to post a video of herself getting ready for work this morning.

She seemed not perturbed at all by the noise out there about her.

Kwame A Plus, who has been beefing Abena Korkor recently, has also jumped into the fray and put the blame squarely on her.

According to him, Abena Korkor is the brain behind the secret snapchat account because she wants to destroy Serwaa’s reputation like her own reputation is soiled.

A Plus wrote: “There are women in this country who are free to sleep with whoever they choose to. They are even free to talk about it openly after smoking some cheap weed. Then such people turn around to create fake accounts to talk about who is sleeping with who and some fellow woman believe and share it in excitement.

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“Which sensible woman will believe or participate in such foolishness!! Women empowerment my tr*mu!! Agyimifoɔ!!! @serwaaamihere wo daa da!! When they sleep with men they use the money to buy weed and pretend they have bipolar!! Use yours to buy range and houses. You too it is your own body!!!”

A Plus is embroiled in a war with Korkor and used this opportunity to take a wild shot at her.

At this moment though there is no indication of who was actually behind that account – and with the way things work in Ghana we might never truly find out.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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