CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Besmirching of Serwaa Amihere—Beyond the Falsehood and the Schadenfreude

The internet has become both a dangerous and interesting place—with social media having become the seat of various conversations, including falsehood and libel. The anonymity the internet provides has recently given birth to various ghost pages/accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat and these pages mainly thrive on schadenfreude, of known persons.

In the last 24 hours or so, Serwaa Amihere, a fast-rising media personality of GHONE has been wholesomely besmirched by an anonymous individual, churning out fabrications and supporting these tales with cooked evidence—that Serwaa is a wh*re and everything in-between. While this may be interesting to your ears or may make the cut for a conversation at the gossip table, the important question remains: is this true and what does the evidence say?

Of course, everything posted as evidence so far by this anonymous internet user which is being reproduced for mass consumption or discussion by bloggers and other media persons is questionable. Yet, the swift with which content is consumed online and the joy associated with sharing scandals do not make room for reasonable evaluation of the facts or evidence.

Serwaa Amihere, TV Personality

Therefore, some of us have had to sit back, pay attention, comb through the threads, analyze the conversation, the evidence, the source—and then have spoken to those who nothing escapes their ears within the industry to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the so-called ‘expose’ to help shape or authenticate the various claims.

And after all these including having found out that the lead evidence said to be of Serwaa Amihere and John Boadu in bed is from an adult website, I can confidently state that what is being peddled as a scandal is a defectively knitted web of lies aimed at assaulting the vibrant Serwaa Amihere brand.

First of all, if a person has authentic/truthful information and the evidence is as solid as claimed, why release them under a certain ghost account? This is the foremost red flag—because anyone who dislikes your guts or even your dog can cheaply set up a ghost account online and loudly throw falsehood at your name. This is exactly what someone, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity the internet provides, is doing to Serwaa Amihere.

Perhaps you are convinced that this person has to remain anonymous to protect himself or herself from the attacks of the mighty names being exposed. While this sounds plausible in a reasonable conversation, the available evidence supports the fact that this crusader of Serwaa Amihere is a fraud.

The chief evidence released is a photo alleged to be of Serwaa Amihere sitting on the d*ck of John Boadu. This photo does not feature the alleged characters’ faces or any body markings enough to prove that the two claimed are those in the photos. We just have a photo and an anonymous person making some wild, albeit, interesting claim on the internet as to who the people in the photo are.

A quick web search through one of the adult websites led me to find the video from which this photo was captured from, by this ghost person. It is not a video of Serwaa or any Ghanaian. If you care to see the actual raw video, evidence proving that the so-called photo of Serwaa and John Boadu is false, search for this on Google “Viktordestroyer and cousin had an-al sex in Abuja.’

When it comes to Whatsapp Chats/Messages, that can easily be created by even an internet-age toddler.

It’s always difficult to establish why some people would set off to tarnish the image of thriving individuals, especially on the internet. But this is not uncommon, our generation has an unquenchable appetite to consume this kind of nonsense—and therefore even without any proper motive but just for fun and attention, many would engage in it.

A lot has been posted and shared around. But all these fall flat on the face of little scrutiny. The ghost poster has claimed that some people have HIV or STIs—where is the evidence? And who is the source? Without any track record of integrity made worse by the fact that this anonymous person is not even ready to show up to defend his or her claims, the only credible way of dealing with all the claims is to subject them to contempt.

Even to the credulous chumps and Serwaa’s foes, this should be ridiculous to believe.  

Serwaa Amihere has in the last few years worked to build an enviable brand. She is probably not a saint but that does not also mean that every tale about her, even ridiculous as this, should be believed—especially when the chief evidence on which the supposed scandal rests is proven to be deliberately cooked.

This post was published on August 13, 2021 9:55 PM

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