‘I Don’t Believe It Was From God’ – Joyce Blessing Rubbishes Cecilia Marfo’s Aggressive Prophecy

Earlier this year Cecilia Marfo outdid herself when she snatched gospel singer Joyce Blessing’s microphone during a performance just to ask her to go back to her divorced husband because God said so.

Cecilia Marfo’s mike-snatching was nothing short of a violent attack, but Joyce Blessing was most gracious about it and did not open up about how she felt about the incident till now.

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Speaking to Hitz FM, Joyce Blessing said that she was still going through a lot at that time as a result of her failed marriage and Cecilia Marfo’s uncalled-for prophecy only made matters worse for her. In her opinion, if Cecilia Marfo’s prophecy was indeed from God, she should have waited and delivered the message in private.

She said that elderly people usually call her to give her advice, sometimes in the privacy of their homes. She, therefore, does not understand why Cecilia Marfo as grown as she is could not have the decency to deliver her message appropriately.

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According to Joyce, before the interruption by Cecilia, she was in the spirit but Cecilia Marfo dragged her back into her body with her antics and it made her very sad. At that point, she was just about to get over her marital woes till Cecilia Marfo went and brought it all up again.

But being a well-raised woman she had to apply the wisdom that was lacking in Cecilia Marfo and play it cool because of how much older Cecilia is than her.

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Watch her interview below:

Grown folks like Cecelia Marfo should not be excused of uncouth behavior just because they are advanced in age. Maybe Joyce Blessing should have put her home training aside and put the aggressive prophesier in her place.



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