Ayisha Modi to Have Afia Schwar’s Twins Sacked from Legon in Two Days – Leaks their Failed WASSCE Results

Ayisha Modi clearly has nothing important to do with her time so all she does is go back and forth with Afia Schwarzenegger on social media and it has gotten very tedious.

Afia Schwar has already lost respect in the public eye and everyone can attest to the fact that she is truly shameless. Ayisha Modi probably thinks shamelessness is something to aspire to and continues to roll in the dirt with pigs.

The needless beef between the two has transcended beyond personal attacks as those close to them like Obofour and his wife, and Afia’s adopted daughter Pena along with her twin boys continue to catch stray bullets.

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Ayisha’s recent vendetta against Afia Schwar involves getting her twins expelled from Legon because according to her, Afia Schwar’s sons gained admission through fraudulent means while there are more qualified and brilliant children out there in need of opportunities.

She posted a screenshot where she is presumably talking to a minister (unnamed) and giving them 48hrs to sack James and John Heerdegen Geiling from the University of Legon. Ayisha Modi wants us to believe she has the effrontery to call a whole minister of state “stupid” because they followed “instructions from above” and admitted the unqualified twins.

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She posted one of her long, boring captions praising herself for the supposedly good work she is doing and calling herself the Yaa Asantewaa who will make the mighty Afia Schwar “invisible like thin air”.

“I give you just one month else I will expose you and those ministers that helped you to take names of innocent brilliant children off the list for the names of your children to be added, I will say it again you will go down drastically with your useless life, queenafiaschwarzenegger you will be invisible like a thin air in this country and Ghanaians will worship me for the good work I have done. The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. It will defend itself”, she wrote.

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