LGBT People Sleep With Animals And Bread – Foh Amoaning Continues To Spew Ignorance In Support Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill

Foh Amoaning and his National Coalition for Proper Human S*xual Rights And Family Values continue to make themselves look like clowns with their relentless anti-gay agenda.

Despite giving Ghana a bad reputation internationally for trying to pass the most violent bill in the history of the world, Foh Amoaning and his partners keep pushing for the criminalization of LGBTQ+ activities.

In his response to Gabby Otchere-Darko’s statement that Ghana is only going to get blacklisted internationally if the anti-LGBTQ+ gets passed, Foh Amoaning made some extremely ridiculous claims on TV3.

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From his submissions, it is clear that Foh Amoaning has no clue what the LGBTQ+ community is all about and his campaign against them is coming from a place of utter ignorance.

“Gabby Otchere-Darko is saying that if we don’t allow it we are going to be blacklisted. What is their nature? Lesbianism, what do lesbians do? It’s about two women sleeping together, opening themselves, kissing everywhere”, he said.

What do b*sexuals do? B*sexuals, they have s*x both through the an*s and through the vag*na. Do you know the dangers involved in it? What do queer people do? They sleep with animals! A woman opens her vag*na and a dog licks her v*gina. How can you tell me that this is behavior for which if this country says we don’t like it, you say we’re going to be blacklisted.

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And then he made his ignorance glaring by adding, “Who is a pans*xual? A pans*xual is someone who has s*x with both animate and inanimate objects. So I can take a tree, in fact, there are some who are married to trees! You know, so I take bread, I open the bread and I kind of have all the exercises with my waist and I ejaculate in the bread. And that one is what we should support? Really?”

Yes, Foh Amoaning? Really? Where did you do your research? Your fellow albinos are looking up to you to fight for their rights. Put your energies to better use because no one will ever take you seriously after making all these goofy points just because you are unrepentantly homophobic.

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