Lil Wayne Offers Financial Assistance To Police Officer Who Saved His Life After He Shot Himself In The Chest

American rapper Lil Wayne has offered to financially support a police officer who saved his life when he was a teenager.

Lil Wayne has been very vocal about one Robert Hoobler who saved his life when he attempted suicide at the age of twelve, a gesture he will always remember.

The award-winning rapper had assumed the police officer had passed on and wrote in his song “London Roads” that he hoped Uncle Bob was in heaven. “I remember dying on her room floor…And waking up in some police’s arms. He died recent, so I hope Heaven made more room for him”.

Uncle Bob reached out to the rapper to let him know he was still alive. The rapper offered financial assistance to the cop, who politely turned it down but there are ongoing negotiations to add Uncle Bob to his team in an administrative capacity.

In an interview last year with Apple Music’s Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne recounted the incident from his early teens. “My life was saved when I was young. I was 12 or something, I think. Shot myself. I was saved by a white cop, Uncle Bob. So you have to understand…you have to understand the way I view police, period. I was saved by a white cop”, he narrated.

There was a bunch of black cops jumped over me when they saw me at that door, laying on the floor with that hole in my chest. He refused to. Those black cops jumped over me, and ran through the crib, and said, ‘We found the gun, we found this, we found that.’

He said, ‘I found this baby on this floor. I need to get to a hospital.’ He didn’t wait for an ambulance. He took his car. He made somebody drive it, and he made sure that I lived”, he recalled fondly.

Uncle Bob, meanwhile, was fired last year for repeated tasing a certain Leron Anderson to the point where paramedics had to swoop in to give him emergency care.



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