MzBel Mocks Abena Korkor’s Bipolar Disorder In New Video

When you find yourself in the limelight, you need to educate yourself on issues you want to speak on. MzBel in a recent video was appallingly making fun of people living with mental health disorders. 

Today is probably her off day from work and she chose to spend it by the beach. She could have had a normal day and minded her business but since it’s MzBel, that will be asking for too much. 

She started the mockery with Christianity. She who identifies as atheist started by singing gospel songs while getting drunk and talking about how big her backside is. Talking profanely about your body and getting drunk are not things that tally with gospel music so obviously she knew what she was doing. 

It did not end there, if she can mock the Christian God how much more a mere mortal? She and a new friend she will obviously split from in a few months to come were videotaped in bikinis and seeing laughing at people’s mental health. 

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The girl in the video was seemingly drunk and dancing seductively. MzBel asked if she should call Dr UN (who people have suspected to be on the mental health spectrum). She started laughing hard and went on to ask her if she should go get her medicine because her “bipolar has come”. 

The girl made fun of the question and told MzBel she is not Abena Korkor or Christabel Ekeh. She further thanked Jesus that she is not any of these girls. MzBel was super impressed with her friend’s utterances and laughed her head away. 

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How ignorant can you be as someone who is 40 plus years and in the limelight? You should know better that these are real people with real conditions and have to live with it for the rest of their lives. 

You can decide to put the blame on the girl who made the statement but Mzbel videotaped and posted it on her page. MzBel is a huge part of the problem.

You do not reduce them to your tasteless jokes at the expense of their already high stigmatization. She called herself the daughter of the ocean and so she doesn’t think before she speaks and we can agree with the second sentence. This may sound ironic but grow up MzBel!

Enjoy the video on Mzbel’s Instagram page.



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