Amber Rose Goes On Serious Rant After Boyfriend Cheats On Her With 12 Different Women

Aw Amber! She just does not catch a break with these men. She recently announced her split with her fiancé and we all thought this man was THE ONE. 

Amber Rose was b*tt hurt about some things she had to endure during their relationship and one of them was infidelity…numerous times…with numerous women. 

Whew! How do you keep up with 12 side chics and counting? Her fiancé has it on lock. Well not so tightly, because she definitely found out. 

She found out by the infamous looking-through-his-phone method. On an Instagram rant she spoke on how tired she is of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes. 

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She called out all 12 of the girls he is cheating with and told them they can all have him. She reinstated that these 12 are the ones she knows about and there is a high probability that there are more. 

She went on to subtly attack the girls and spoke on how they knew he was in a relationship with a baby but they still went ahead to be s*xual with him. She spoke on how tired she is of fighting for her family and she isn’t getting all the loyalty and transparency she is giving. 

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She chose to be considerate and not mention the girls’ names. According to her, the disrespect and disloyalty was too much and she is done with the engagement. 

Her mum someway somehow found herself in the posts where she called her narcissistic and asked her to stay out of her life. She ended by lamenting on how she suffers from emotional abuse by people she loves and she is finally tired because she is always enduring in silence. 

Read her rant here:

Poor Amber, love and light to her and her sons during these times. And also to the men, all STD’s aside, zip your pants. Please!



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