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Sad Details of Weird Behaviour Abena Korkor Engaged In When Her Bipolar First Manifested

Mental health advocate Nana Abena Korkor Addo has revealed for the first time the sad details of behaviour she engaged in when her bipolar disorder first manifested.

Abena says she started going around campus in high heels and excessive makeup – and that’s also when the promiscuous s*xual behaviour started.

Over the past few years Ghanaians have had a front-row seat to Abena Korkor’s mental illness, being as famous a public figure as she is.

Every time she relapses we know what happens – she goes live and records a lengthy video and that’s when big men start shaking.

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Korkor would list names of the famous people she has allegedly bonked and as we know the list is very long and contains some very prominent names.

According to her, she wasn’t always like this and her promiscuous s*xual behaviour started when the illness first manifested during her time at the University of Cape Coast.

According to Korkror, just before she was diagnosed, she started having ‘unnecessary one night stands.

She also revealed her academic performance dropped drastically!

Sharing screenshots of her transcripts, Korkor wrote: “Rapid decline in your academic progress sometimes is a early sign of mental health problems. In the year of my first manic episode my GPA dropped from 3.72 to 1.38. I wrote all my exams in less than 30 mins even if it was a 3 hour paper. I was highly hyperactive one minute in class and the next off to slumber land.

“I would wear high heels and excessive makeup every wear on campus. I had a lot of insomnia, I thought it was perfect because I had extra time to either read or watch series. All talk of having a string of unnecessary one night stands and flings. I was thought I was just enjoying life. Hardly did I know the wild manic episode was creeping in and I would be officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder soon. Today I take you back to the genesis.”

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Korkor’s story has been sad and today she is trying to make Ghanaians understand how it all started.

Checkout her post below…

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This post was published on August 20, 2021 11:02 AM

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