‘Lazy’ Efia Odo Should Be Hustling In America – Unemployed Archipalago Attacks After Being Humbled by Twene Jonas

Ghanaian hustler based in the United States Archipalago has opened missiles on actress Efia Odo in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant.

According to Archipalago, Efia Odo is lazy and does not want to work hard, which is why she has left America to Ghana.

Archipalago claims she could easily stay in the U.S and hustle to make money but she’s rather in Ghana shouting ‘fix the country’.

In this simpleton’s mind, fighting for a better Ghana is not hard work but insulting others on social media for clout is the hardest work there is.

The unemployed and desperate social media loudmouth has been trying to stay relevant by attacking Twene Jonas but that is not working at all.

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Jonas has generally ignored him and Ghanaians react to his videos with hilarity.

Most social media users accept that he’s a buffoon trying to stay relevant by attacking those better than him.

Unable to gain his traction from Jonas, Archipalago has now turned his attention to Efia Odo.

Odo had been a prominent face in the fix the country movement for months.

Eventually, she stopped her activism after Macho Kaaka was killed and she received her own death threats.

She earlier revealed that her mother begging her to think about her life also influenced her decision.

Archipalago took aim at her in an interview with Kwaku Manu.

He claims she would have remained in America to work hard if she was a serious person.

Meanwhile, all Archipalago does is sit on social media and insults others.

Is that the hard work Efia Odo is supposed to do in America?

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If that is the case, she can easily remain in Ghana and do that too.

That dude is just confused.

Listen to him rant below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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