Insults Aside, Jonas is Right With Criticism of The National Cathedral

In fulfilment of a pledge made by the leader of the incumbent government, Nana Addo has asked for the construction of a National Cathedral, an announcement which was met with backlash.

Many Ghanaians are trying to connect the dots on why such a huge sum is to be spent on the construction of a church while many youth in the country are bemoaning unemployment.

Initial cost of the 5000-seater auditorium Cathedral project was estimated to be 100million dollars which later rose to 200millon dollars following adjustments made.

Twene Jonas, known for his outspoken nature has dived into the pool of criticisms questioning why a church is prioritised over other things he deems are more beneficial.

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Noted for harsh criticisms, Jonas has recently descended heavily on the Chief Imam for adding his contributions to the Cathedral Funds.

Even though he was wrong for using unprintable words on the National Chief Imam – who he alleged was given the money by top officials to deceive the public – he has a point with his outrage.

There is no doubt the Cathedral will add income from projected tourist attractions and also create temporary jobs for some few construction companies, but building a cathedral in a covid hit economy is a priority misplaced.

Prices of goods keep skyrocketing in a country where inflation runs faster than Usain Bolt and there are many projects the nation can undertake to mitigate unemployment issues with that amount.

A fraction of the money can well be spent on manufacturing chlorine, a chemical used in various industries from just seawater. Its by-products, soda and hydrogen are also very well demanded and have great income potential.

How about supporting 1000 graduates each year with that money to build on the successful projects they undertook in school to create employment for both the skilled and the unskilled?

Additionally, we could also get magnesium using seawater as a raw material and we could all attest to the fact that, magnesium is a key element demanded by many industries as well.

There are countless beneficial companies which the amount to be used for construction can fund to help reduce unemployment in the country.

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Corruption, the most lucrative venture of this century has existed throughout ages regardless of the fact that churches have also existed for millennia.

Should our focus be on a church built by God, which is our body, or the one built by man with construction materials known as church?

We don’t need the church to tell good from bad. That is ingrained in us from birth and though the basis of the construction is not yet clearly spelt out, it will not be the one to end corruption and the many evil things that we do.

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