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READER’s MAIL – Gay Ghanaians Marrying White Men Are Doing the Right Thing, They’ll Get A Better Life Here than In Ghana – Thoughts Of A Ghanaian Living in Germany

I am a Ghanaian living in Frankfurt, Germany and I have been studying carefully the reactions of Ghanaians to recent news that a Ghanaian man in the U.K has married his gay partner.

That news comes after another video went viral, showing a Ghanaian man in Germany marrying his gay partner. (Editor’s noteclick here to read that story).

Ghanaian social media reaction has been what I have come to expect – a lot of curses, insults, attacks and what have you.

Many people are taking the issue from a religious angle, claiming the couple will go to hell.

As a Ghanaian living abroad having a relatively good life, I laugh at such myopic comments from my people.

What hell are they talking about? Can there be any hell worse than living in Ghana?

Let me tell you, those gay Ghanaians that we are mocking and insulting are not ging to hell but are rather in heaven on earth, as Twene Jonas will say.

They will now live a far better life than 99% of those attacking them.

ghanaian gay marries germany
Ghanaian gay marries in Germany

Trust me, I know. The system in Europe works a million times better than whatever is happening in Ghana these days.

The gentlemen getting married will have their peace of mind, in a country where they are treated like human beings and not discriminated against.

If they were in Ghana, only God knows the kind of poverty they might have been facing.

I hear you people are even considering a law to jail them just for living. It’s a shame Ghana is still stuck in 1789!

So yes, they are doing the right thing marrying who they love in a better country than Ghana where they can enjoy real freedom.

Keep insulting and attacking them – their life is still better than yours!

Let me tell you, I was worse than you when I came to Europe over a decade ago but now I have learned to live my life and let others live theirs.

Maybe if Ghanaians learn that lesson, they would have enough time to actually develop their country.

I’m out, you can insult me as well…

From Peter K. – Frankfurt

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