Ayisha Modi Takes Afia Schwar To A Spiritualist To Make Her Go Mad

Its amazing how some grown ups think life is like a Kumawood or Nigerian movie.

How do you trade insults on social media with someone and send the person to a spiritualist to make the person go mad? I mean what childish behavior is that?

Ayisha Modi has threatened to make the life of contentious Afia Schwar miserable, worse than what it is at the moment.

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Ayisha is hurt Afia got the better part of her and turned the whole of social media against her. She cannot comprehend how someone could beat her to a game she plays so well.

Now that she has lost, the only option left is to visit the spiritual realms and hope she wins the battle from that angle. This is funny.

Ayisha Modi was heard on phone telling another person that she was going to torment the life of Afia, make sure she runs mad for making a mockery out of her.

“I will tie her up and work things up for three hours and call you back. You will see what i will do to Afia. If daybreak and She is walking normal, i will make her go mad in the spiritual realms.” she said on the phone.

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Ayisha added that what the comedienne and mother of three went through some weeks ago was her making and that cannot be compared to what she is about to do to her.

The male voice she was talking to begged her to have mercy and then told her to hold her horses and leave everything to him.

Listen to Ayisha vent below. Should we be worried or this will end like the Kumawood movies where things will backfire?

Ghana is full of comics. Why would Ayisha record herself talking to a spiritualist to make Afia go mad and proceed to post the video online if she is not seeking attention.

Concert party.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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