Ghanaian Lady Living In France Reveals Huge Sums of Money She’s Paid Monthly When Pregnant and After Delivery – The Sums Would Shock You!

A Ghanaian lady living in France has revealed the exorbitant amounts of money people who give birth in the country receive for the simple fact of giving birth.

Nothing really separates Africa from the outside world aside from leadership.

We suffer here because our leaders embezzle the nation’s resources rather than using it to help the people.

The White man uses the nation’s money to set up systems to make life easier for their people.

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When systems are established and work, everything else falls into place.

A Ghanaian lady in France known as Anita has told blogger ZionFelix of Mina and Erica fame that women in France receive 900 euros monthly when they’re pregnant and about to give birth.

She said the money could be higher or lower, depending on your employment and income status.

This money is given to every woman in the country who is a citizen with proper documentation.

She revealed that after giving birth, you are also paid a monthly allowance for your kid.

The payments continue until the child turns three, at which point they stop.

If you’re pregnant by that time with another child, then that is another cash windfall coming your way!

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ZionFelix seemed pleased with what he discovered, probably thinking about the cash windfall his Italian borga girlfriend Erica would be making with their kid.

Watch the video below…

Why can’t we do something this simple in Ghana? Our leaders embezzle billions every year whilst they could use that money to actually implement policies that would make lives easier for Ghanaians.

If there is a God, you have to curse him every day for dropping you in a backward country like Ghana!

There’s nothing better here…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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