Throwback Thursday – Enjoy Photos of Sandra Ankobiah, Joselyn Dumas and Other Celebs with Flat Bodies from 2015

It’s throwback Thursday and it’s the perfect time to step into our archives and bring out what the celebrities are hiding.

These days, you see some of our celebs walking around with full bodies and you wonder where the body came from.

If you remember how some of them looked years back, you marvel at their new bodies.

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When you ask though, they deny having any work done – Sandra Ankobiah once famously claimed kenkey was behind her powerful looking new backside.

But pics don’t lie, and GhanaCelebrities.Com has dug up some interesting photos of Ankobiah from 2015.

Let me tell you, they are a sight to behold!

Describing her body back then as flat is an understatement, there were no curves anywhere to be found.

Sandra must have eaten a lot of kenkey from 2015 till now to look the way she currently does!

Check her out below…

Another celebrity we busted from our archives was Joselyn Dumas.

Also in photos from 2015. the Joselyn we know today is not who we spotted in those photos.

Click to the next page to enjoy the sight of 2015 flat Joselyn.

This post was published on September 16, 2021 1:48 PM

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