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READERS Mail – Celebrities Should Feel Ashamed for Trying to Raise $20k for Young and Fit Beverly Afaglo But Abandoning Kohwe to Die

Wonders shall never end in Ghana.

Let me tell you a story. You have two people: one is old, has been sick for years and has no money to take care of himself. He has suffered a stroke and just seeing his photo tells you he’s at death’s door.

On the other hand, you have a young, fit and able person, who has no known illnesses or disabilities. She is married, her husband lives in America and she has claimed that she’s rich due to coming from a rich home.

Between those two, who deserves help when they get into trouble?

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Yet Ghanaian celebrities banded together to try and raise $20,000 to help the young, married and rich celebrity and abandoned the old and sick one to his fate.

(If you haven’t understood yet, I’m talking about Beverly Afaglo and the late Kohwe)

That is a wicked act on their part and they should all be ashamed of themselves!

Where else in the world would celebrities come together to try and raise the whopping sum of $20,000 for a young, fit, married and supposedly rich celebrity?

At the same time, these celebrities abandoned the old and sick Kohwe to his fate, till the moment he sadly died.

I did not hear any news of any celebrity trying to start a GoFundMe for Kohwe like they did for Afaglo.

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None of them came out to use their platform to help the old man like they tried for the young Afaglo after her house burned down.

This tells us a lot about the priorities of these celebrities. I guess you have to be a slay queen before they care about you.

What they should all remember is that what goes around comes around.

They are all going to get old one day, and God forbid if something like this happens, they would need someone else to help them.

They have to do better if another case similar to this comes up again.

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The old actors are the ones who need help, not the young ones who are always bragging but in reality have nothing to their names.

From M. Setor, Tema

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This post was published on September 17, 2021 5:35 PM

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