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Diamond Appiah Lands Punches on Tracey Boakye In Fight with Ayisha Modi – Fans Say their Alliance is Over!

Diamond Appiah and Ayisha Modi started a beef over the weekend, the latest attempt by the social media clout chasers to remain relevant.

Ayisha initially took to social media to brag about an act of charity she was undertaking – gifting lands to people in Accra.

According to her, all those who she has gifted lands to should get ready to come for their lands.

It was an extremely ridiculous brag and people mocked and called her out for it, including Diamond Appiah.

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Diamond in shading Ayisha Modi however, managed to throw some missiles at her own convenient friend Tracey Boakye ‘Borla Bird’.

She wrote: “Welcome to Instagram where tenants hate on Certified Land Ladies. And those renting r claiming Land ladies. Where cleaners are claiming millionaire and mad women thinks they are sane.

“Where the unmarried are claiming married and those dating married men n are being used Falaa are hating on others dating n getting pampered. Where Billionaires are sleeping in their mansions and the obra ashasie fuor are walking in the snow to go to work to make ends meet.

“Where those who have kids outside wedlock with different men are judging others for the same sin and the real wives are sleeping. Where the real humanitarians do charity in silence and others go gifting wot they don’t have bcos of clout. Where those who are in a secret competition with u and still losing thinks ur mates and those who haven’t achieved 1% of wot u have thinks ur Classmates.

“Herrrr never let social media control you or else u will loose ur friends, ur love ones, relationship and eventually loose ur mind whiles ur were busy chasing Clout,”

Her post contains many of the alleged sins of Tracey herself, thus the ‘Borla Bird’ even jumped into the comments to ask if the caption is for her.

She took the whole thing as a joke as she and Diamond laughed it off.

Meanwhile, fans say Tracey is too stupid to see that Diamond is even shading her.

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According to social media reactions, eventually, she would figure it out the fake alliance they have built will not last till Christmas!

Check out some fan reactions below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on September 20, 2021 10:17 AM

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