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Throwback Video – Moment Borla Bird Performed ‘Sponsor’ for Dr Kwaku Oteng at Akua GMB’s Birthday Party

The Akans say when an ant will bite you, it comes from your own cloth.

It essentially means that betrayal often comes from people closest to you, an adage we’re sure Akua GMB can attest to.

It has long been alleged that Tracey Boakye, once Akua GMB’s closest friend and confidante, was a big part of why her marriage to Ghanaian millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng collapsed.

Tracey is alleged to have schemed to have her friend sacked from the marriage then became the man’s sidechick.

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She is even alleged to have birthed for him, her daughter Nana Akua Nhyira – although no one can ever know these things for sure – those are the rumours out there.

What is widely accepted is that there was a betrayal in there somewhere.

Akua GMB was divorced by Dr Kwaku Oteng and now Borla Bird is allegedly eating from where her friend once ate.

An old video of when the two ladies were still besties has now popped up online.

In the video, Akua GMB was celebrating her birthday and a party was held for her with her then-husband, Dr Kwaku Oteng, present.

The guest of honour, apparently, was Tracey Boakye, who came in her out of fashion clothes and horrible wig to perform.

What song did she perform? Ebony’s ‘Sponsor’, of course, – which has some x-rated lyrics about how a lady dates a man for cash.

Listening to the song well and the part she was performing – it was almost like she was sending coded message over to Dr Oteng but Akua GMB was none the wiser.

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The video has brought out social media users to blast Tracey once again for betraying her friend in such a rough manner.

Watch video of the performance below…


This post was published on September 30, 2021 11:15 AM

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