Nana Doe Comes Clean On The Source Of His Wealth After Adu Sarfowaa Expose

The pressure on Nana Doe these past hours does not seem to be ending any time soon.

Trouble maker Adu Sarfowaa proved yet again why the term “celebrity’ in Ghana is extremely synonymous to attention-seeking.

For someone who produced a screenshot of her promising not to reveal a screenshot, it is not strange that she will go the extra mile to bring down someone she has feelings for.

Adu Sarfowaa called Nana Doe a thief and called him a leading member of the packaging boys Association of Accra. She went on to give him the title of Ghana’s number one fraudster and denied dating him.

The same woman who claimed to have a relationship with him and said she was the one who decided to call it off is also saying there was never any relationship between them.

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Social commentators also claim she actually was interested in him and gifted him a lot of things.

At this point, we will never know what to believe because the stories are not adding up. Kyere s33, the math is not mathing. In one breath she says one thing, and in the other, she says another. Clout is one hell of a drug because she definitely sounds very intoxicated.

Now to the dealings of Nana Doe, he has been accused by Sarfowaa of being a fraudster. As to which kind of fraud, she did not specify. Another woman however has come to rebut that claim and decided to take us into the real dealings on Nana Doe.

A user came to the rescue of Nana Doe’s image and claimed he is actually a miner by profession and he works with her husband. The user added that she can prove with pictorial evidence that he is a miner and has images of his site where he worked with her husband.

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It’s hard to tell if this person was paid to do damage control or it’s just Nana Doe with a burner account trying to redeem himself. Why a married woman will choose to fight for her husband’s friend who has chosen to remain silent is also another story I will write about another day.

Even with the mining evidence, others are also claiming its galamsey and so it still falls under the fraudster category. He just cannot catch a break.

Maybe if he takes a break from making numerous female friends in Accra, he will be able to sleep peacefully and his personal information will remain with him.

If you really want a secret to remain one, you do not tell anyone about it. It’s that simple but common sense seldom roams around these days. Sigh.




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