Ayisha Modi Makes First Monthly Donation to Jagger Pee to Fulfil her Promise

BHIM Nation godmother, Ayisha Modi has fulfilled her promise of taking care of veteran actor famed as Jagger Pee for the rest of his life.

About a month ago, the actor came to the internet to solicit for funds to pay for his hospital bills.

Although, he was severely bashed and ridiculed by some netizens but Ayisha Modi who is known for her good heart and philanthropic works decided to extend her benevolence to him.

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She pledged to take care of all of Jager Pee’s financial problems most importantly his health bills which had become a pain in the neck for him.

After her promise, many critics took to their timeliness on the various social media platforms to opine that Ayisha Modi only made such a promise to Jager Pee just for clout.

Well, critics should now bow their big heads in shame because the loudmouth internet warrior has honored her words.

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Just a few hours ago, she sent her first monthly allowance to Jager Pee and also added that such goodwill shall continue till he’s no more.

A Facebook user with the handle name @Kaakyire Agyemang was the first person to break the news to the world through the social media network.

He wrote;

Results! So I interviewed Jagger Pee Abeiku Nyame a month ago, during the interview he told me his biggest problem now has to do with raising money for his monthly medications and three months review.

Ayisha Modi saw the video and called to pledge her support for Jagger Pee. She called again to tell me she was going to take care of Jagger Pee’s medications for the rest of his life and also supply him with foodstuffs.

True to her words this morning on behalf of Ayisha Modi I did the first month donation. Big thanks to Ayisha Modi and Children. Zolla Vandy Lahm God bless you. Nana Reagan bless you.

Ayisha Modi has always been supportive of old creatives who come out to beg for help. This is not the first time she is showing such extreme kindness. May God continue to bless her.



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