Shatta TV, Shatta Bitters, Reign Body Splash – Tall List of Failed Businesses Opened by Shatta Wale

Dancehall superstar Shatta Wale prides himself as a very serious businessman.

The loudmouth artiste, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah, is always attacking his fellow artistes for their lack of business sense.

Wale always brags that music is more of a business for him and his only goal is to always make money!

He claims to know all the skills and tricks to maximise his revenue and considers himself the richest musician around.

If you listen to this clown, you would think he is the only serious musician in Ghana!

However, for all his bragging, Shatta Wale appears to be a very horrible businessman.

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Over the years, he has introduced or promised to introduce several businesses, many of which never amounted to anything.

Most of these businesses never saw the light of day or those which materialised are not making any waves for Wale.

With this business record, Shatta should shut up more often and stop bragging about how much he’s invested in businesses!

Checkout tall list of failed/failing Shatta Wale companies below…

Shatta TV

During an interview with Dr Pounds in 2015, Shatta Wale pledged to open a television station known as Shatta TV.

According to him, the station would be to educate and entertain the youth.

Is there anything Wale does that he doesn’t claim it’s for the youth?

“I’m opening a new station in Ghana anytime soon and the name of the station will be ‘Shatta TV’, he said.

“I think the youth needs more channels to educate and entertain them and since some of these young folks look up to me, I want to put up a forum that will teach them the benefits of doing music and also the business side of it,” he added.

I think we can all testify to the fact that this business never materialised.

Reign Body Splash

At the time when Wale released his ‘Reign’ album, he tried to brand everything he owned with that tag.

He started a Reign Body Splash and Beard Oil for men line of products.

Once again, we can all testify as to how well this business has done.

Shatta Bitters

Wale started an alcoholic brand known as Shatta Bitters a few years back.

Shatta Bitters has apparently been in the market since then but there is no indication it is doing any better than his other businesses.

Personally, Bitters are not my thing so I can’t even tell you if the product is any good.

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What I can tell is that it has no noticeable market share, especially considering it has a brand name that immediately links it to perhaps the most famous musician around.

Like the other products, this one is not doing too well – for all you know it might even have gone extict.


Shatta Wale’s latest business is a ride sharing app known as Shaxi.

He hyped it a lot some months ago and it has now gone operational.

So far, we can’t tell how well Shaxi is doing but it doesn’t look very good.

I’m yet to meet any person who have said they use Shaxi and it barely gets a mention on social media.

Let’s hope this one has a better end than Wale’s other businesses.

With such a poor track record in business, it’s no wonder Wale has to resort to sports betting advertisements to make any money.

If he has to rely on his business acumen to make money, he might finally go broke for real.

Souce: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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