Adu Safowaa Exposed For Gifting Herself Fake Birthday Gift As Present From Boyfriend – Fake Social Media Pressure

Indeed many are mad but a few a roaming. Mark Zuckerburg should have shut Instagram a little longer and help save the mental health of 90% of Ghanaian celebrities because the pressure on their mental health is very serious.

Someone like Adu Safowaa who rarely makes the news also decided to create unnecessary pressure for herself and it is embarrassing to witness. She makes us believe that Ghanaian female celebrities are in a secret birthday competition amongst themselves.

They all low-key want to outdo one another and will go to very extreme lengths in order to belong. Inspired by the Nana Abas, Benedicta Gafahs and the Serwaa Amiheres, Adu Safowaa also wanted to show she has loved ones on her birthday and it backfired terribly.

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When people were receiving cars, Safowaa also came to show us her 2 yards GTP Adepa Dumas cloth she got as a present. No problem at all, it’s the thought that counts right? Well in this case we may be wrong because there was no thought at all.

Even the GTP is audio. ei! We know this because one Mr Kwame Afram has come to expose the fake ways of Adu Safowaa and how she made him present her gifts on her birthday as though they came from him but in reality, she gave them to him to be given to her.

He exposed her for going for a car from Nana Doe on her birthday for her fake shenanigans and not getting it so he had to give her his car. She wanted Nana Doe to put ribbons on his car so she can act like it is a present from her boyfriend.

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He was not willing to do anything fake with her and so the Mr Afram had to come in to save the day. He presented her with cloths and a sum of ghc1000 as a birthday gift. She was the one who gave him those gifts to be given back to her so they could record for social media.

The second-hand embarrassment I feel right now is real. She videotaped the whole process and had the nerve to act surprised about the gifts. Self-love gone totally wrong.

Aglow Women’s International Prayer Ministry should really host a special fasting and prayer session for the women in the entertainment industry and invite all of them under one roof for serious prayers because the things they do behind closed doors are very worrying.

It will not be surprising to find out that this is very common amongst our celebrities, she just happens to be the one who got exposed.

There seems to be this new craze of captioning videos and pictures of gifts with “who sent me this? please dm me if you sent me this I am grateful”. Knowing very well the sender was themselves. Just to prove to their gullible followers that they received gifts from far and wide on their day.

Then after all the childishness, they have the nerve to post themselves and caption it as “A year older, a year wiser” WISER?? LOL . Even the three wise men did not gift Jesus his gifts anonymously.

Social media is definitely a facade but the way it affects our noble ladies to detrimental levels is a sad sight to witness. They definitely need the prayers because at this point, gye Nyame.

Watch Mr Kwame expose Adu Safowaa here and watch the video where she received her fake gifts here:



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