Diamond Appiah Continues One-Sided Beef With Delay – Calls Her Broke With Evidence

We never thought we will see the day Diamond will call Delay broke but alas, the audio hotel owner has decided to let us know that Delay is actually broke.

It may surprise you but Diamond called Delay a failure and called her “ambobra”. The same Diamond who singlehandedly has failed in every showbiz venture she placed herself in. As for her delusional political aspiration, the least said about it, the better.

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She called a seasoned journalist who has been in the business consistently for over a decade a failure. The jokes really do write themselves.

At least one can find Delay’s products in a shop near you. Diamonds businesses can only be found on her Instagram bio. It’s funny how grown women are still taking the fights of their friends and making it theirs.

An almost 40 year old cannot take her own lead and she has decided to form a disgraceful clique with women who do nothing but insult each other behind closed doors. If Afia Schwarzenegger is in a one-sided beef with Delay, Diamond will also shade her every now and then like the kindergarten kid that she is.

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In a previous post, Diamond referred to Delay as broke and accused her of lying about her riches and the things she owns. In a now deleted post, she accused Delay of being a braggart and an “audio helper”.

This was in reference to her interview with T.T of taxi driver fame and Delay mentioning that she will come to his aid. She accused her of not being true to her word and doing it for the public.

If you can pull up a post on Instagram to speak on the issue, you can as well donate to him. After all, Diamond parades herself as a philanthropist and so another man’s lack thereof should trigger the good in you. She rather will choose to throw light on the situation only when it’s attached to someone she badly wants a response from.

It will suck to seek attention so bad from someone you claim to be doing very bad in life when you could just….mind your business?

Watch her deleted post here and how people expose her for claiming to be a hotel owner for a hotel that cannot be found on google map.




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