Mona Gucci Curses Afia Schwar And Gh Mouthpiece On Instagram And Expects Her gods To Respond

Ghanaians play too much on social media. When did we get to the times where we can DM our gods and email our ancestors?

Well, Mona Gucci just sent a message to the gods on instagram and now I am fully convinced that the end times are near.

Amidst her current back and forth with Adu Sarfowaa, Mona decided she has had enough and shifted it to the other people she has beef with.

She poured curses on Ghmouthpiece for accusing her wrongly. Gh mouthpiece accused her of going to juju men with requests that they destroy Afia Schwarzenegger.

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She posted a video she got from Tiktok of a man she does not know and in the video, the man was cursing his personal haters. Mona saw similarities between her haters and that of the man’s even though she had no clue who he was cursing. The video was clearly very entertaining to her and so she decided to repost it as the curse she has for Gh mouthpiece.

She started by calling one a dirty girl and calling one a lunatic with down syndrome. With someone who is a self-acclaimed lawyer, she should have known that person’s living with Down syndrome are not her tools for disrespect and they certainly are not lunatics.

You would expect someone who is employed by Media General to watch her words and think very carefully of how insensitive her ignorance could be but not for Mona. Anything for her slow mind to get the social media satisfaction she desires so badly.

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Anyway back to the curses. She surmoned the sun, the rain, thunder, flood and water goddesses to do their job on her if she is guilty. She asked her gods to let Ghmouthpiece and her family wail and lament over the lies told on her.

Its always a new low with these struggling-for-fame celebrity wannabe’s. Afia Schwarzenegger did it first and cursed people on social media. At least she took hers seriously and had her schnapps and eggs on deck. Even with that, nothing seems to have happened to any of these people. She rather ended up with a broken leg to show for it. It is this same knee injury Mona is proudly taking credit for spiritually causing.

The gods obviously do not appreciate calling them on social media so why repeat it? We pray she gets the peace she needs and maybe one day, she will look in the mirror and be content with what she sees.



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