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Sam George Displays His Ignorance and Arrogance on LGBT Issue on CNN – Dumb Ghanaians Applaud Him

Honourable Sam George, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, has been parading his ignorance all over the airwaves in relation to this LGBT bill.

He has now taken his ignorance and offensive bravado on this topic to CNN and made himself a laughing stock on the world stage.

The worst part is – dumb as bricks Ghanaians are applauding him for disgracing us internationally.

George was interviewed by CNN’s Larry Madowo and spun a web of half-truths, lies, and misconceptions to continue to make his case for his anti-LGBT bill.

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The CNN anchor was hostile and asked Sam George why he’s legalising homophobia and hate but the MP claimed his bill is just for love and warmth, apparently.

Asked why he was trying to jail people for being different for ten years, George said the prison term in the bill is only for five years as if he had won some great moral victory.

He did not address the inconvenient question of why he’s jailing people for their simple existence.

He once again brought up the comparison of being gay to criminal activity. In this interview, he compared it to terrorism, whilst in the past he had compared it to armed robbery or other crimes.

As has been said many times, criminals harm others whilst gay people are engaging in consensual actions. The equivalence is moot but Sam George is not clever enough to realise that and neither are most Ghanaians.

Just making that argument alone on an international platform is embarrassing.

When asked if LGBT issues are the biggest problem his constituents are facing, the MP brought up HIV/AIDS to answer that.

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According to him, $200m was spent treating HIV/AIDS in Ghana and that money could have been spent in his constituency.

Another idiotic comment because HIV/AIDS is far from an exclusive homos*xual problem. Is the MP suggesting heteros*xual Ghanaians who contract the disease be abandoned?

Remember when Akufo-Addo campaigned and said he would save Ghana money by eliminating homos*xuality? Me neither, because that didn’t happen.

The President knew and Sam George knows that what wastes Ghana’s resources is corruption – but as an MP looking forward to his party regaining power and enjoying some of that corrupt money, why would Sam George mention that?

In all, a truly embarrassing interview and a bad look for Ghana internationally.

However, prejudiced Ghanaians are hailing him for it and thus Sam George is set on this path.

Watch the interview below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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  1. Well it’s so unfortunate this is the only news portal that’s saying this and describing Ghanaians as dumb simply because they support the right thing. The Honorable MP Sam George clearly schooled the CNN reporter, Larry clearly did little or no research concerning the issue and in the end embarrassed himself. We all watched the interview and there was nothing “ignorance and arrogance” about what the Honorable MP said.Nii Smiley Byte is rather daft in comprehension and I can’t blame him.


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