Selly Galley Is Not My Friend But I Love Prayer Tintin – Beverly Afaglo Expresses Her Dislike For Selly And Prayer Tiatia

There was an obvious dislike between the Praye wives but none of them were bold enough to ‘fight with their chest’. At least not in public. Beverly Afaglo has decided that enough is enough and chose to spill the beans.

Asked by Abeiku Santana as to whether they have beef going on, she had a lot to say. He accused Beverly of telling Selly that she was a Praye wife before Selly became one so she is the original. She responded by admitting and stating that she is the senior wife and Selly is the junior wife.

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She went on to say that Selly is not her friend so she does not think of her at all. She called Selly and Praye Tiatia out for not wishing her a happy birthday and not calling her when her home got burnt.

She praised Praye Tintin for reaching out to her and her family and expressed her utmost love for him. She went on to emphasize that Selly is not her friend but they have no beef between them.

Beverly explained further that they are on cordial terms when they meet but they have no relations behind closed doors. She shut down rumours that said the wives were the cause of the group splitting and claimed they had nothing to do with it.

She added that the men were not stupid. They have a mind of their own and the wives can in no way influence their split. She also mentioned that there is no problem within the group and they are doing well.

That indeed is very hard to believe because they obviously have not been like before. Watching the video, you can tell she wanted to play safe after almost admitting that they have issues.

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She just did not want to be the one to admit publicly that there is underlined tension between them. There was no reason why Praye Tiatia and Selly could not reach out to them after their unfortunate incident. If they didn’t reach out, I doubt they contributed to their gofundme. Sorry for your loss mpo y3 problem, na 10 cedis.

Their group undoubtedly was very phenomenal and gave the country bangers that have stood the test of time. We are hoping they do return soon and drop bangers like old times. As to the issue of there being trouble in Beverly and Choirmaster’s marriage, we will not talk about it today because she made a video and shouted at us not to. We wish them well.

Watch her make revelations here:



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