‘I Feed Broke Mona Gucci. She Calls to Beg For Food For Her Children’- Ayisha Modi Unleashes

At this point Aisha Modi should take the celebrity NGO of the year award because she certainly has fed half of the entertainment industry. Madam 1 billion will never hesitate to give us the figures.

Queen of audios and receipts. The great I’m-giving-you-48-hours-to-apologize. Aren’t we all tired of Aisha giving us her celebrity invoice?

Well, the latest beggy-beggy to be outed is no other than Mona Gucci. Why are we not even surprised?

Celebrity mu foes ankasa. The bend-down-Boutique alley of Ghana celebrities will never stop embarrassing themselves.

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Aisha is back with more revelations. She descended heavily on Mona and washed her dirty lining in public. Not to say she had anything neat about her in public anyway.

Aisha is claiming that she pays the hospital bills of Mona Gucci’s children. She also called her a thief and an armed robber.

You could tell amongst all the people she has had beef with, Mona is the very least she respects. She sounded disgusted talking about her.

If you manage to be disgusted by Aisha Modi who will love a fly if they were famous, then your case is in the gutters. She of course made us aware of her land at East Legon she bought for 9 billion.

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The rain is to the ground like Aisha is to bragging so for that we are not surprised. No matter how angry she is, she has to definitely tell us how rich she is as a side note.

She expressed how shocked she was that a lawyer from Abigail Williams and Co is broke to the extent of asking her for money to take care of her children.

She also revealed that she has met Mona on two occasions and the last one was when she had to wrap food for the hungry Mona who was panting heavily after she joined Abass Sariki for his peace walk.

After insulting her, Aisha said she doesn’t really want to insult her for the sake of her kids…and of course carried on insulting her in the same breath. Watch her unleash her warmup on Mona. New beef alert? They both better come hard because If it’s not jaw-dropping they can keep their clout-chasing selves away!

Watch her reveal her body count and other allegations here:



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