Nana Tornado Hits Hard At MzBel As Their Friendship Ends

We all suspected this day will come but we did not know when…or how soon, but it is finally here. It must be very triggering to know that 90% of friends you make may become your enemies one day.

This is the case for MzBel who has once again fallen out with a friend. Nana Tornado was her right hand man and joined forces with her against their common arch-enemy Afia Schwarzenegger.

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These two will go on shows and speak on all the ills Afia Schwarzenegger has ever done and she will also do likewise. This trio were unstoppable when it came to insulting each other with each claiming they were never the bad friend.

So now it’s official, the 3 are now standing on their own and beefing each other simultaneously. Nana Tornado has taken to Instagram to speak on his fall out with MzBel and called her old as if ageing is a crime rather than a blessing.

He called her grandma and night gown. When he was pledging allegiance to their friendship and insulting all her enemies on her behalf, he never suspected that this day will come.

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Will MzBel respond? Will she also tell her truth and expose his mishaps in their friendship? Knowing emotional MzBel, she just may do it on live and cry.

Tornado should also note that he also has been falling out with his friends one too many and maybe he should look in the mirror and look at who the common denominator is. He who cannot tell his stance in showbiz will jump on anything to be in the news again.

He was giving it to Adu Sarfowaa left, right and centre when he went on Mona Gucci’s show. If she decides to leave Nana Doe’s case and respond to Tornado then we are in for a congestion of foolishness on social media.

They should learn to fall out of friendships quietly because they are not the first people to lose friends but that will not happen because anything for the temporary views and numbers.

Watch him start his drama here:



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