Adu Safowaa Claps Back At Nana Tornado – Things She Revealed Will Shock You

There is a storm coming. A Tsunami has decided to crash a tornado and the vawulence on social media is frightening.

Adu Sarfowaa who is sitting at her corner and focusing on nothing other than Nana Doe has been called out and she is not liking it at all.

Trouble instigator Mona Gucci invited Nana Tornado and Kumchacha on her show to talk about Adu Sarfowaa’s recent social media saga.

Their thoughts on the issue did not sit well with her clearly because she is out to unleash violence.

Tornado called her a b*tch and told her she is forcing to belong to a class she can’t fit. He revealed how her struggling show gave him just ghc50 when he appeared on the show.

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Her called her a disgraceful wannabe and was disgusted by how she is always at the prison cells. He mentioned that she shouldn’t consider that as hype but rather as an embarrassment to her.

Watch him trash talk her here:

Well, Sarfowaa decided she will go off on them and made a video screaming louder than she has ever screamed before. Kyere s33 “she screamed the biggest scream she ever screamed”

She started by calling him the so-called Tornado and told him her feet have better value than his face.

She called him the usual gay and went low to speak on his late father. She called him a village boy and took the violence to Onua TV.

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She shamed the station for allowing the show he insulted her on to air and asked the management to put their station in order.

Sarfowaa told him he will have to leave Accra if he crosses her path. She compared him to Bobrisky and mentioned that Bobrisky is rich and living large. Tornado on the other hand has nothing to show for his promiscuous life.

She accused him of bestiality and said he sleeps with pigs for free.

She told him to mind his business and that if she is always in cells it has nothing to do with him because they are not related.

She further went to mention that apart from Prophet Kumchacha, every other person on the panel including Mona and Tornado are villagers.

She mentioned that they should not be considered as humans because they are not befitting to be called so.

She threw it back at Tornado to bring it on and come at her if he is a man (hehe). So far it 1-1 so let’s see how Nana Tornado will redeem himself.

Watch her blast them here:



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