Mona Gucci Responds To Aisha Modi With More Fireworks

The Americans are still fighting. After Aisha Modi exposed Mona Gucci for being the biggest beggar she knows, Mona has decided she is not the only one going down in shame, so she has decided to speak on Aisha Modi’s living conditions.

In a post where Mona seemed angry, she mentioned Aisha Modi and told her she is daring her to do her worst. She seemingly revealed how Aisha is actually not a landlady after saying she has a 9 billion property because she has her tattered clothing she has kept in a mutual friend’s house.

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She called the self-acclaimed rich woman Aisha a broke girl and a liar because she has a Nissan that does not look like her bank account. Giving that Aisha is not modest because she is quick to mention her properties, she would definitely buy a better car if she had the means.

Mona called her a homeless wannabe who has been lying to Ghanaians all this while. She asked her to show her apartment in the USA if she could because she was certain there was no way Aisha could rent an apartment in the USA. She asked her to upload evidence of her house and she should not upload her mother’s house.

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For someone who has all the land in East Legon, Aisha should post her home and shame Mona.

Mona went on to emphasize that Aisha has dirty clothes in her friend’s house and she should go for them before they are thrown away.

Her whole post was to insinuate that Aisha is living friend to friend in the USA after posing as a land owner in Ghana. She seems to claim that Aisha’s riches are all a facade and she does not have any of the things she poses to have.

She added that she will post Aisha’s paycheck after her claiming that she gets paid $1,200 after 4 days of work. Mona should walk her talk or shut up because at this point she is notorious for starting things she can’t finish. All for the love of social media attention.



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