3 Solid Reasons Why Shatta Wale’s Alleged Shooting Is A Pathetic Publicity Stunt

Just when i was about to tease another fake prophet for giving a false prophesy about how Shatta Wale will be shot to his death today, news broke that the dancehall musician has reportedly been shot and in critical condition at a hospital.

According to scanty information from his camp on social media, Shatta Wale managed to escape a gun fight with some unknown gunmen in the rain at East Legon earlier today.

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His road manager, Nana Doe, took to Snapchat to tell the tall tale written below;

“SMH!! They could do this in this rain? SMFH

“If not the fact that he was driving prepared, it would have been too bloody!! F*ck this!! My niqqa too strong to give up!! You strong my g, I dont even know what to even say!! The typing make difficult.

“Thanks to all those calling to check up, the king is still at the emergency ward receiving treatment.

“The gunmen are still on the run. Thanks to Ghana Police,”

Here are three points from the cock and bull story that makes GhanaCelebrities.Com believe Shatta Wale’s shooting incident is a publicity stunt.

1. No official statement has been released by Shatta Wale’s team or the East Legon Police, although Nana Doe thanked them in his post.

Neither the Ghana Police at the East Legon nor the team members have released a statement to the press to confirm that indeed a shooting occurred on the East Legon road today and it involved the dancehall musician.

Nana Doe said the gunmen were on the run after attempting to murder Shatta Wale but later thanked the Ghana Police in the same statement, what for exactly?

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2. Shatta Wale knows how to manipulate social media to his gains, its his second nature.

If there is one thing i know very well about Charles Nii Armah Mensah jnr, its that he turns every situation to his favor, even if its bad.

Not long ago, a prophet came to claim that he had seen in the spiritual realms that exactly on this day, a popular dancehall musician in Ghana with the first name, Charles, will be shot dead.

The Prophet claimed it will happen the same day and exact way Reggae legend Lucky Dube was murdered.

Shatta reacted to the news saying he was going to buy a bullet proof vest and hire more guards on October 18, why did he forget to do so?

Because he knows the hype he’ll get should he play along to such things, especially now that his Gift Of God album is yet to be released.

3. Last but not least, This will boost his search algorithm online and in turn increase the eyes that will be on his GOG album.

Just imagine the number of people that will search out Shatta Wale to find out if he was indeed shot and at the emergency ward of God knows which hospital receiving urgent treatment to save his life.

Searching him out online will just build more traffic for him and that means more anticipation for his supposedly last album before he was shot.

Its a numbers game and Charles Nii Armah Mensah knows how to play it so well.

That said, it could be true that he has indeed been shot and if that is the case then the prophet who made that public prophesy must be arrested and questioned.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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