Shatta Wale Went Too Far, My B.P Shot Up-Reggie Rockstone Reacts To Shooting Publicity Stunt

It seems like a lot of people were disturbed with the stunt that Shatta Wale pulled yesterday. Certain people do not take lightly to certain jokes and unfortunately, even the minutest of your actions matter when you are a public figure.

Hip-life legend Reggie Rockstone has come out to speak on how delicate of a matter Shatta Wale’s stunt was. He granted an interview to express that certain actions must be thought through carefully before execution because there certainly can be consequences.

Reggie Rockstone explained how he was not getting any younger and so hearing the news made his blood pressure rise. He also mentioned that his phone kept on ringing the whole time and it made the situation worse.

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He spoke on how things like these are not to be played with when your name holds weight such as Shatta Wale. He also was of the view that he took the stunt too far.

He explained that death was not something to joke with and with the way he went about it, he caused a lot more harm than good. He however was asking the Ghana Police to be fair in their dealings and act accordingly.

He was asking that they take it easy on the dancehall artist and not make things worse than they already are. He agreed that the stunt was way too far this time around but Shatta Wale does not need to be punished severely for it or even punished at all.

This story backs the news that broke out yesterday with the claims that dancehall musician Shatta Wale has been gunned down by armed men at East Legon and has been rushed to the hospital on an emergency.

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Many panicked on hearing the news and some were praying that indeed, it should be a publicity stunt. He came out to confirm that it was a stunt as many assumed and that he did this to bring light to the issue of false prophesies in Ghana.

A prophet came out to mention that he will be attacked on the 18th of October and Shatta Wale mentioned that this was the reason for his actions and pastors have gotten away with putting public figures in emotional distress over false prophesies of them losing their lives.



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