Ghanaian Big Man Allegedly Behind Tiwa Savage’s Released Tape Exposed

A Lagos-to-Accra “big boy” has found his way into Tiwa Savage’s pants and this time around the evidence was made bare. Tiwa Savage has been trending for the not-so-right reasons and the plot continues to twist.

Tiwa Savage recently granted an interview where she admitted to being blackmailed by someone who is in possession of her s*xtape. She explained that someone is extorting her for an amount of money because he is in possession of her s*x tape.

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She was of the view that she did not want to give in and pay any amount because she could land herself into a cycle of paying the blackmailer more and more just to keep him from releasing it. She felt like the blackmailer had a hold on her if she did not come out publicly to speak on it.

The worst did happen and the video got posted online. The only face that was shown was the woman in the video. People were wondering who the man is and lo and behold, information touched ground.

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The man who recorded the video is alleged to be one of Accra’s biggest ballers known in social circles as Abolo. Although Nigerian, he is known for his extravagant lifestyle and is a regular big spender at the nightclubs in Accra.

The video was said to have been posted from his snap by mistake. He is a married man who flaunts his wife on his socials.

Of course our queens have affiliation to him, he is rumored to be close friends with men dating Sandra Ankobia and some close friends of her. His intentions were rumoured to be for bragging rights. He did it to tell his friends that he was intimate with Tiwa Savage.

We hope Tiwa is okay wherever she is and if she will make another married man give her “goosebumps all over”, she should at least use some protection…to protect her reputation and next time say clearly, NO VIDEOS!




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